Types of Wigs We Service

No matter what type of wig you’re wearing, our team is pleased to provide comprehensive maintenance and care. The types of wigs we service include:

  • Medical wigs
    When you lose your hair due to a condition such as cancer or alopecia, the effects can be emotionally shattering. A good medical wig can help you maintain your appearance and regain some of your confidence. We offer full salon services to help customize your medical wig.
  • Chemo cuts
    For patients who are preparing to undergo chemotherapy, we are pleased to provide free haircuts, followed by custom wig fittings in one of our private fitting rooms.
  • Fashion wigs
    Looking for a wig that adds color or sparkle to your normal look? Come to Bravadas for cutting, coloring, and styling for all fashion wigs.
  • Custom wigs
    One of the things we’re proudest of is ensuring that all of our patients can find wigs that match their desired length, texture, color, and style. We can furnish whatever services you need for a totally individualized wig.
  • Alterations
    Sometimes stock wigs are so close, but just not quite there. If you need an adjustment to the size of the wig, the shape of the wig, or additional items like clips added in to make it fit just right for you, we are pleased to accommodate.

In-Salon Services

One of the great things about our high-quality wigs is that they tend to be very low maintenance. With that said, in order to look and feel your best, you’ll probably want to pamper your wig from time to time by setting up an appointment for Bravadas salon services.

We are pleased to provide wig coloring and cutting, plus a host of other salon services so that your hair lives up to all your aesthetic goals.

Some examples of our in-salon services include:

  • Wig washing and styling
  • Wig haircuts and coloring
  • Root darkening
  • Partial or full highlights
  • Deep conditioning
  • Sew-in comb clips
  • Keratin treatment
  • Brazilian blowouts
  • Thinning and bang cuts (for synthetic wigs)
  • Wig steaming and refurbishing (for synthetic wigs)

We are happy to offer any and all wig customization, care, and alterations for pieces purchased at Bravadas. This includes not only human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, but also toppers and extensions.

While there are always ways to care for your wig at home, there’s something refreshing about making a salon appointment with a caring, friendly, and knowledgeable wig expert. We’re always here to help you keep your hair looking absolutely stunning, and to help you protect your wig investment.