Choosing the Right Topper

One of the most important services we provide is assistance finding the topper that best suits you and aligns with your aesthetic goals.

While all of the toppers we offer are high-quality, they differ quite a bit in terms of how they fit, as well as color, cut, and style. Additionally, there can be big differences between human hair and synthetic toppers. Human hair guarantees a natural look and feel, while synthetic hair can be easier to maintain and a bit more affordable. Today’s synthetic hair technology can often look indistinguishable from natural, human hair.

Our experts can show you different options in a private fitting area and walk you through any questions you may have about different types of toppers.

Topper Services

In addition to helping you find the best topper, our team can also provide expertise and skill in topper customization. We can help you ensure that your topper looks just the way you want it to, whether that means blending seamlessly with your natural hair or allowing you to try a fun new highlight or style.

Our topper services include cutting, styling, coloring, and more. We are also pleased to provide a range of maintenance and care products, allowing you to extend the life of your topper for as long as possible.

Finally, we provide a range of options for keeping your topper snugly in place. Our experts are always prepared to help you with topper attachment, allowing you to feel fully confident as you wear your hair top extension.

Why Choose Bravadas?

We take pride in helping our clients address thinning hair, and regaining their sense of self-confidence. Toppers represent just one of the ways in which we do that.

There are a number of things that set us apart from other wig salons and hair restoration centers:

  • We offer unparalleled inventory; nobody can match our vast selection of wigs, extensions, and toppers.
  • We’re also committed to quality, carrying only the finest human hair and synthetic hair products, ones that we know are made to last.
  • We maintain clean stores and always ensure private fitting areas for our clients.
  • We are true experts in hair restoration and are always ready to answer any questions that our clients have.