Our Extension Products

The goal with hair extensions is to find something that will blend in seamlessly with your growing hair, creating extra length or volume while maintaining a completely natural appearance. To ensure that you can find something that meets your aesthetic goals, we’re pleased to showcase a full range of human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. These extensions come from the world’s top brands, and are notable for their quality, durability, and immaculate craftsmanship.

How to Choose Hair Extensions

Our specialists can help you locate the extensions that are right for you. In doing so, there are several factors to consider.

One factor is attachment style. Extensions can be either a removable solution, or something more permanent. Meanwhile, if you want something that’s more removable in nature, we offer halo and clip-in options.

Another factor is length and volume. These are important areas in which extensions differ from one another, and we provide extensions in many different combinations of shape and length.

Extensions can also differ in terms of fiber type. For removable/halo-style extensions, we offer both human hair and synthetic options. This option can look, feel, and behave just like your regular, growing hair.

Hair Extension Services

The style of extension that is right for you depends on your lifestyle and needs. Tell our experts what you’re looking for, and we’ll pull some pieces for you to try on. We can cut the pieces to fit you perfectly and if they’re human hair, adjust the color to fit seamlessly with your naturally growing hair. Alternatively, extensions can be an excellent opportunity to explore highlights or lowlights, without worrying about the effects being too “permanent.”

To ensure that your extensions look just the way you want them to, we offer a full spectrum of salon services, maintenance products, and more.