I started losing my hair in chunks due to alopecia areata. This happened extremely fast and as soon as I couldn’t hide it anymore, we started googling within hours. My dad called in a sincere panic rushing to find anywhere that could help me adjust to my new “normal.” Not only did they fit me in THAT DAY but they were the most understanding and sweet human beings💞 they have a private consultation room that you can just sit and they’ll bring wigs in that match what you’re wanting. This was especially amazing because I had only lost my front chunk of hair that morning so I sobbed through my entire appointment. Even through the tears they were patient and loving toward my family and I.

Jess was my consultant and stylist who was with me through my entire appointment; I cannot express in words my love for this woman. She makes every client a special priority and treats every individual with unconditional love. She explained how to take care of my wig and even offered to do the first wash in a couple weeks if I wanted to watch her do it first. She always said “now if you need absolutely anything girl you call me! Okay?” Jess helped me feel confident in myself and went to great lengths to help me throughout my journey! It’s been a little over a year since then and I’ve purchased another wig and gotten maintenance done on both wigs. She’s always been willing to help in any way she can and makes me feel so loved. This year will be my first prom and she’s the only one I ever wanted to do my prom hair! Just to add, I live around 45 minutes away from here and she said “if there is any prom hair emergency, call me first!!” I can’t even tell you how amazing all of these women are; but Jess!!!!!! Ugh, this place is so underrated. If you ever find yourself in a situation looking for full on wig, a topper…etc this is absolutely your place! I can’t say enough about my love and appreciation for this store.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 Fallopian tube cancer in May 2015. I’m currently doing my 3rd 6-months of chemo. This is the second time for me to go through hair loss from chemo. In addition, I have gone through two 5-week radiation treatments. I bought this Eva Gabor wig during my first chem, 4 years ago. It perfectly matches my original hair color and style. I am coming into Bravadas to find a second wig to get me through chemo and hair loss again. It’s a constant battle to maintain my identity in the battle against cancer. But when I look in the mirror, I still see ME….not a cancer “victim.” More importantly to me…so do my children, grandchildren, friends and loved ones! Many thanks!

I’m at the point in my life where I consider wearing my hair down as making an effort 🙃 Anyone who has experienced hair loss knows what a toll it takes on your self worth, identity and femininity. It wasn’t until I started wearing hair toppers that I finally started to feel like my old self before becoming diagnosed with trichotillomania.

I had reached out to @bravadaswigs to purchase a hair piece and they were kind enough to send me one. Because I live an active lifestyle I bond my topper and the ladies at Bravadas found me the most perfect piece 😭❤️ #gifted

Monica and Tia made my first time visit to Bravadas a very pleasant experience. They made sure I found the perfect wig in the right color and style. I appreciated all the time they took to make sure I was a satisfied customer and happy with my purchase. I will be back when I am ready for another new wig.

Just came in with a hair reference for a wig needed, Kim helped me out on the spot without an appointment and found the perfect piece for me! Thank you guys!

Tracy at Bravadas Wig Store in Dallas is tops!!! Tracy made the whole experience incredible. I started losing my hair shortly after high school and working with the public as an insurance agent I always want to look my best. Thanks to Tracy, I have gotten my hair and my confidence back. I had the "Non Surgical Hair Replacement". It's immediate hair restoration, not a long slow expensive process that may not even work. I walked in the store with almost no hair and walked out looking like this. Let's just say I'm more than happy.

This is my second hairtop to purchase from Bravadas. I was very pleased with my first purchase, but I wanted to get something that was fuller. So I ordered a new piece. Stephanie was extremely helpful and diligent in working with me, from making sure that the color was correct to cutting and styling my hair. She spent extra time and did not seem in a hurry at all as she cut and styled my hair. She is an excellent person to work with. I highly recommend both Stephanie and Bravadas.

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