Introduction: Why is Breast Cancer Awareness Month So Important?

Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of people every year. Two out of every three women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and it’s the most common form of cancer among women. This October, join the movement to fight breast cancer by raising awareness.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women worldwide. It is the second most common type of cancer for men, but less than one percent will be affected by it in their lifetime. The 10th edition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month will take place this October 6-12th and aims to raise awareness about this deadly disease which takes so many lives each year.

Benefits of Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness This October

What are you doing this October? If you’re not doing anything, then it’s about time to take your health to the next level. We often think about health as a one-time event. We try to get our health in order and then we never think about it again. That is not the case at all. The truth is that our health should always be a priority.

Take a look at some of the ways that you can take your health to the next level this October – no matter what your current situation may be. Organizations, individuals, and groups will be volunteering to help educate the public about breast cancer. They will also be raising money for research. You would be surprised how joining a good cause such as this can benefit your own mental health.

The objectives of this month are to provide information about breast cancer, to increase awareness of the disease, and to encourage people who think they might have breast cancer to get a mammogram. Breast Cancer Awareness Month also encourages people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or who have recovered from it to talk about their experience with others in order to reduce the social isolation which can accompany a diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that women face. In 2017, an estimated 2,350 new cases were diagnosed in women each day. While medical professionals don’t really know what causes cancer, they do have recommendations of things that could possibly help prevent it.

There are many ways to help prevent breast cancer. Some of them are:

  • Diet: The American Cancer Society recommends eating plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. Include whole grains in your diet as well as lean sources of protein like beans or fish. The Salmon Diet is one example of a healthy diet that focuses on these foods specifically. Maximize your intake of carotenoids by loading up on carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, winter squash, apricots, and mangos. These foods contain high levels of beta-carotene which studies show can reduce adverse health effects such as cancer. prevent breast cancer through diet.

  • Exercise: One of the most popular and recommended ways to prevent cancer is through exercise. There are a number of mechanisms that can explain this link between physical activity and a lower risk of developing cancer. Physical activity increases levels of certain immune cells which have been shown to have anti-cancer effects, it decreases inflammation which has been associated with an increased risk of cancer, and it reduces the risk of obesity which is linked to several types of cancer.

  • Less Stress: There are many factors that contribute to stress such as not enough sleep, work-life balance, and poor diet. All of these factors can lead to cancer through different pathways. The biggest factor is the hormone cortisol, which helps the body cope with stress but also has many bad effects on the body including increasing insulin resistance and inflammatory responses.

    Cortisol also makes it difficult for cells in the immune system to kill or inhibit tumor growth. If this is not corrected cortisol can cause an imbalance in the immune system which leads to increased cancer risk. Different types of cancer can be triggered by different types of stress because they all have different cascades of hormonal responses in the body. These cascades all have a variety of side effects. Finding ways to remove stress from your life will benefit you in many ways, even in fighting cancer.

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