Surgical hair replacement for women and men is a popular solution for anyone experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. Once you have done the research and decided that hair replacement is for you, and you have it done, there are some things you need to know. Maintenance of a hair replacement system is very important. There are many things to consider when taking care of your investment, such as hair system cleaning, washing, care, and styling. The following information will help you understand the issues that may arise with your hair systems and also share simple solutions to handle and/or extend the life of your hair system.

Brushing/Combing Your Hair System:

Bravadas recommends that you use a large wide-toothed comb or soft 100% boar bristle brush to comb/brush your hair replacement system. Both of these options allow you to remove each tangle one at a time. This will help you avoid placing unnecessary tension on the knots.

By combing/brushing your hair every day to prevent tangles this will help the hair system last longer. This is why at Bravadas we recommend that you comb/brush every day. There is also a specific time to brush your hair. Only do it when it is completely wet or completely dry. Anything in between means that your hair replacement system may be damaged.

Be careful when brushing/combing your hair replacement system. This will help to avoid root tension. Bravadas Hair Replacement experts recommend that you brush the hair only from the root upwards. If the hair system gets tangled you should also avoid excessive tugging on the hair. This can be a major cause of hair shedding from your system.

Sleeping in Your Hair System:

Sleeping in your hair sounds really simple, and it can be. What you always have to remember is that your hair system is an investment, so even the smallest things can damage that investment. Fortunately sleeping in your hair system isn’t a huge risk. There is really only one big no-no when it comes to sleep and that is to NEVER sleep on wet hair. Please make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to sleep.

Matting can be a big issue when you sleep on a wet hair system. It is possible to still see matting in certain situations after a nights sleep. Each morning, lean your head forwards and use a soft brush/wide toothed comb and gently brush/comb your hair starting at the ends of the hair, working your way up to the root area. This is the best way to handle possible matting, even if your hair was dry when you went to sleep.

Chemical Usage on Your Hair System:

Bravadas recommends that you do NOT chemically treat your hair system. If there are things you want to do to your hair system, always run it by your hair replacement specialist first. They are the authority when it comes to your hair system. The use of chemicals may result in irreparable damage to your non-surgical hair replacement system.

Shedding Hair from Your Replacement System:

Shedding of hair is considered normal even in hair systems. However, some types of hair systems are more prone to shedding hair than others. Curly and longer hair systems typically shed more hair than shorter hair systems. It’s always important to go over this with your hair replacement specialist so that they can set the expectation for you, and then help you manage this expectation.

Factors That Can Cause Premature and Excessive Hair Loss:

Excessive combing or brushing is the number one culprit for this. Hair will break off and cause premature thinning of your nonsurgical hair system. Therefore, we recommend moderate combing in our hair system care guide. Excessive matting and/or tangling that is then removed forcefully will tighten the matted hair and tear out the hair. Make sure you follow the care routine set out by your hair replacement specialist to avoid this.

In conclusion, hopefully, this is helpful and has shed some light on challenges associated with having a hair replacement system. If you have questions, please comment below or give one of our locations a call and ask to speak to the hair replacement specialist on duty.

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