Bravadas Dallas is the leading expert in hair restoration resources that can return your confidence with beautiful hair. We also work with an Italian-based company, CRLAB (formerly Casere Ragazzi Laboratories), to bring the CNC Cranial Prosthesis Systems to our Bravadas location in Dallas, Texas. As an exclusive center for this one-of-a-kind custom 3D Cranial Prosthesis technology, we can offer more advanced hair loss solutions than anyone else in our area.

Losing hair can be a distressing experience for both men and women. It can impact not just one's appearance but also self-esteem. Fortunately, advances in the field of hair restoration have paved the way for non-surgical hair replacement and at our Bravadas location in Dallas, we now offer CNC hair systems by CRLAB (formerly Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories). These hair systems allow individuals to enjoy their newfound hair without any interruption to their daily routines.

Who is CRLAB?

CRLAB is a company that specializes in hair prosthetic systems that are fully customized. The company is located in Italy and that is also where the systems are produced. Their technology has significantly changed the lives of many Bravadas customers. Regardless of your age or gender if you are experiencing hair loss of any type this may be a solution for you. They use cutting-edge technology to create the most custom hair pieces on the market today. They also have a trichology line that is designed to improve scalp health to stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

Who is Cranial Prosthesis for?

Many conditions exist that can damage or make your hair become thin. If you have Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata and Universalis, Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia, Alopecia following traumas of burns, Lichen planopilaris, Discoid Lupus Erthematos, Folliculitis Decalvans, Trichotillomania, or are going through Chemotherapy you may be a great candidate for CNC cranial prosthesis. This system allows you to live a stress-free life when it comes to your hair, whether you are female or male.

With the CNC cranial prosthesis, you’ll have the ability to play sports, sleep, swim, take a shower, take a walk in the wind, or even wear a helmet on a motorcycle. This is made possible by 3D technology, biomedical-grade materials, and superior craftsmanship. Although the product is made in Italy, you’ll have a local stylist who is fully trained to install the system and help you with monthly maintenance. The CRLAB hair prosthetic systems are the most reliable non-invasive solutions on the market today.

How Does it Work?

Reliable, practical, and visually seamless, the CNC system is dermatologically tested, compatible with any skin type, and tailor-made to your specific needs and characteristics. We perform a patch test before the “second scalp” is applied. Once you’re using the CNC system you will benefit from the latest in hair technology and from the discreet care and skill of the staff at Bravadas Dallas.

For CNC at CRLAB in Italy, each molecule of the hypoallergenic base material is plotted by a 3D printer according to your scalp-map blueprint. The resulting micro-thin, perfectly color-matched replica of your scalp forms the base of your prosthetic. The patented material, developed for this purpose, is breathable, non-toxic, dermatologist-tested, and approved hypoallergenic.

The CNC has an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal base, which lets heat pass through, making it completely breathable. Your new hair is matched to your natural hair with close attention to color, texture, wave, pattern, and style; then strands of premium, human hair in its natural state are individually hand-stitched into your personalized prosthetic base. The 39-stage production process considers every aspect of your new hair to ensure perfect fit, comfort, security, and versatility.

We will look after you at every step of the way, from the initial integration of your “second scalp”, to the routine monthly maintenance and styling sessions. Below are the 'phases' that you will go through on your hair solution journey.

  • PHASE 1: SCALP MAPPING: Computer mapping of the scalp and alopecic area.
  • PHASE 2: CAST PRODUCTION: The cast is created using specialist computer imaging, cloning the contours of the skull and scalp.
  • PHASE 3: CLONING AND PANTONE MATCHING: Clone membrane created by robotic technology, replicating exact shape, lines, and Pantone's of client’s scalp.
  • PHASE 4: SELECTION AND MATCHING OF HAIR: The meticulous selection of high-grade human hair to replicate color and texture.
  • PHASE 5: IMPLANTING HAIR FOLLICLES: Hairs are implanted individually into the membrane, mirroring the original direction of growth.
  • PHASE 6: NON-SURGICAL GRAFTING: The membrane is non-surgically grafted onto the scalp before professionals complete a final styling.
  • PHASE 7 CNC SYSTEM FULLY INTEGRATED: Hair can now be exposed to all activities including swimming and high-impact sports. Ongoing care in clinics under the guidance of your dedicated Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories consultant.

To find out if 3D Cranial Prosthesis systems can solve your hair loss, we invite you to contact us for a FREE consultation or give us a call.